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General information

CAMPUS organization directory


Please note:

Although CAMPUS is replaced since winter semester 2018/2019, its organization directory will for now remain as a data source for RWTHonline and the RWTH phone system. Personal and organizational data needs to be maintenanced accordingly!

The organization directory in the CAMPUS information system contains more than 500 facilities of the RWTH Aachen, sorted by organizational structure. It covers the most important contact data of each organizational unit, such as address, telephone and fax number and e-mail addresses which are saved in the central address, as well as the employees with their official contact details. Furthermore, the institution code, an alias and the abbreviation of the organisation name plus data about the building and the room are also saved in the organization directory. A link to the website and a short description of the organization unit provide a wide range of information.


The official e-mail address of the institution is used e.g. for the communication between central institutions and the institutions of the RWTH Aachen. This address is automatically added to the e-mail distribution list of all RWTH facilities that is used for sending important official information to the organization units. 

The central e-mail address is very important for several organisational processes and it should be checked and administered on a regular basis.

Responsibility and Data Maintenance

Technically responsible for the organization directory is Division 5.1, Organization. The department organization decides about the installation of new organization units in CAMPUS and assigns the institution code which is used as user name. It is the point of contact for the rectorate, all organization units of the central university administration, central facilities, the staff council and group representations, all institutions of the RWTH, federations and assigned offices. The point of contact for the faculties is Division 5.1 - Student-Life-Cycle Management.

The organization directory is managed by the respective institution itself on personalized access (Organization Unit) within the central campus datase.