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General information

On-Call Service


The IT Center provides an on-call service outside working hours for urgent failure reports of central services.

The on-call service covers the central services RWTHonline, RWTHMoodle/ Streaming Server, e-mail, data network and telephone


After 5.00pm Mon - Thurs. & 4.00pm Fri. the on-call service can be contacted in urgent cases of failure and exclusively during the times specified below by using the phone number 0241 80-24681.

During the regular opening hours (8.00am - 5.00pm Mon. - Thurs. & 8.00 AM - 4.00pm Fri.) please contact the  IT-ServiceDesk via the phone number: 0241 80-24680.

The on-call hours are as follows:

Day of week

Start time

End time

Monday to Thursday

5.00 PM

8.00 AM (the following day)


4.00 PM

12.00 AM


12.00 AM

12.00 AM


12.00 AM

8.00 AM (Monday)


Data Network Failures

Please have your address, building name, institution name, name and a call back number near at hand so that you can leave these information on a voicebox as the circumstances require. Ensure access to the building - if nessecary - and support the on-call service localize the cause of the failure. Only errors with regard to devices and cable connctions of the

Backbone or XWIN access as well as building routers that are managed by the IT Center are fixed by the on-call service.

All other failure reports are processed by the local network admins during working hours!

The on-call service for the backbone network, XWIN access, their passive backend components such as cable paths with fibre optic etc. and building routers that are managed by the IT Center can be contacted as specified above.