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Unified Messaging System User Guide

Unified Messaging System User Guide

The UMS phone number
Each user receives a personal UMS phone number in the form +49 241 80 - 6 xxxxx, where 'xxxxx' represents their own RWTH telephone number.
If no RWTH telephone number is available, a new one will be assigned.
This number can be used to receive faxes both internally and externally. 

Send fax

Writing and sending a fax via the UMS system is basically similar to sending an e-mail.
A message can be formulated in the text field of the mail and additional documents can be sent as attachments (Microsoft products, PDF). The attached documents are sent as subsequent pages.
There are three ways of sending this: 

RWTH - internal:
Send a mail in the mail client with the address:
'xxxxx' stands for the 5-digit RWTH fax extension. 

From UMS participant to UMS participant:
Send a mail in the mail client with the address:
Please note that only registered users can receive faxes via their UMS number.

In the mail client a mail with the address:
Send (local area numbr) fax
e.g .:
Please use your area number so that the number is longer than seven digits and the system can recognize that it is an external fax

Receive fax 

The user receives an incoming fax via email. The appendix contains the document in * .tif and * .pdf format, which can be opened with a common image program. 

Use of the voicebox 
By calling your own UMS number (6xxxxx), you can start the password query by pressing the star key (*) and access the Voicebox menu.
Administration is possible here; E.g. the recording of a greeting.
The default password for access is 12345 and should be changed after the first login. 

In order to put the personal Voicebox into operation, call diversion must be set from the work phone to the personal UMS number.
The following must be entered for immediate redirection: * 11 6xxxxx. 

The UMS Voicebox can be requested in two different ways:

  1. Since a Voicemail is sent as a file attachment ('WAV' file) to an e-mail, it can be listened to in the e-mail client.
  2. By calling your own UMS number and then pressing the star key (*) you can access the menu for querying voice messages via the password query. If messages are deleted here, they are also automatically deleted in the e-mail client. 

last changed on 04/28/2023

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