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The Journey of a Message in the Unified Messaging System

Incoming faxIncoming phone call

The picture shows the deliver process of a fax message

The picture shows the deliver process of a voice message


Architecture including SMTP-based E-mail Servers and LDAP-based Directories

The picture shows the architecture of the UMS software

The UMS software runs on an IBM XSeries 345 server. The server is equipped with two Intel Xeon processors (2.66GHz each) and 1.5GB RAM. The built-in 30 channel ISDN board by Eicon Networks GmbH is internally connected to the RWTH telephone system and via eight ISDN channels provides for the connection with the telephone network for sending and receiving faxes.

Data connection of the server to the central mail server of the IT center completes the integration of data- and communication applications.

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