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Teaching Load Questionnaire


The teacher survey questionnaire records the teaching duties of the academic staff of RWTH Aachen University. In the survey of the course offerings, the data of the previous semester are taken into account and the process is repeated every semester. A connection to the CAMPUS information system allows the import of course data, which can be changed and supplemented by the lecturer. There is no need to enter the courses held manually.

The LEB thus largely replaces the paper process, which is triggered by the role of "decan". Employees do not receive a written form, but can revise the pre-filled teacher data entry form online, print it out and send it to the respective decan's office. So far, faculties 1 and 7 have been using the electronic teacher survey form.

With the help of the LEB it is ensured that the university staff fulfils its teaching obligations to a sufficient extent. Only the dean, the dean of studies, the managing director and, if applicable, employees of the dean's office who are in charge of collecting the data can view all entries on the teacher survey form. Chair holders have access to all data collected for their chair. Employees of the respective chair will be given access to the data collected for them personally after completion of the data collection.