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Who can use the Service?

The service 'Physical Server Hosting' can be used by institutions of the RWTH Aachen University. A request for proposal can be made by employees of the institution that hold the role "Hardware-Besteller" (hardware purchaser). In case you don't know whether you hold the hardware purchaser role or are supposed to be assigned this role, please contact the role manager ("Rollenverwalter") of your institution. The IT-ServiceDesk can tell you who the role manager of your institution is.


How do I order a Server?

If you want to use the 'Physical Server Hosting" service or if you need counseling please send a corresponding request to the IT-ServiceDesk. We will then discuss the requirements with you and make a respective offer. This offer then allows you to order the server.


How do I reach the Server?

While setting up your server, we will discuss with you how the server can be accessed. You need this access to control your server (Power On / Power Off / Reset) and to install an operating system on your server. To complete these tasks, you log onto the Lights Out Management (LOM) of the server which provides you with the functions of a Remote KVM. By default, access is granted from all IP-networks of the respective institution.


Access to the Lights Out Management

You can access the LOM via a web interface. It can be reached via HTTPS so that the LOM can be reached by the browser you chose (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Depending on the server producer, there are different implementations of the LOM. As a consequence, the supported browsers for the access as well as the functionalities in the LOM can differ. Depending on the LOM, it might be necessary to install a browser plug-in to be able to use all functions of the LOM.

The URL of the LOM consists of a server-ID provided by us and the respective domain name (currently: ""). E.g.: For a server with the server-ID "xy100c-001" this URL would be:

The login to the LOM is effected via user accounts configured by us and unlocked for this server.


Installation of the Server

The hardware is located in our machinery halls. Therefore you do not have the possibility of inserting a DVD into the server to install it.

The istallation of the server is also executed via the LOM. There you have the possibility of integrating ISOs or files that are located on your computer. You can, however, also insert the installation DVD into your local DVD drive and connect it to the server via the LOM interfaces. Your local DVD drive will then behave like the server's drive.



The operating system of the servers has to be installed and operated by the tenant and can be chosen freely after consultation with the IT Center. The tenant has complete access to the operating system, is liable for all the software installed on the virtual machine (including the operating system) and is responsible for the backup of all the data stored on the server.

 Information on how to configure your server for the backup and use the backup service of the IT Center can be found on the following page: Backup und Restore


last changed on 07/14/2022

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