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Welcome to the Help Pages of Coscine!



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The generic Coscine documentation has moved and can be found here from now on: Documentation | Coscine

Coscine (/ˈkəʊsaɪn/), short for Collaborative Scientific Integration Environment is a platform for your research data management (RDM).

In handling your research data, Coscine offers you...

  • Storage space: RWTH members access free storage space 
  • Collaboration: Access for all project members
  • Metadata: Automatically linked to project data
  • Individuality: Metadata can be created project-specifically as application profiles
  • Archiving: Archive project data for 10 years in place

Thus, Coscine provides solutions for sound FDM in terms of good scientific practice as required by the NRW Hochschulgesetz and research funders. As an integration platform, Coscine enables central access to your project-level data sources (e.g. research data repositories, linked files, archived data).

Log in to Coscine directly and get started! For more information, see First Steps. Take a look at the presentation About Coscine to find out more about Coscine.

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