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Status updates on IT Center systems

Status updates on IT Center systems


Our status messages offer information about upcoming maintenance and currently occurring malfunctions or security advices at central IT systems of RWTH Aachen University.

Additionally, messages are published in the RWTHapp "News".


The status messages are available at:

In the overview, faults of systems are shown at the top. The following table explains the color or symbol coding:

The service is available without restrictions.
Current information (e.g.: safety information) is switched to the service or information is provided about current changes to this service.
The service is currently not fully available due to e.g.: Maintenance, partial malfunction currently not fully usable. Restrictions are to be expected.
The service is disrupted and cannot be used at the moment.
A future event (e.g.: planned maintenance) is announced. (This can be the case independently of further, current messages about the service).

To see the messages within a service, click on the corresponding service.



An RSS feed is offered for each service, which can be subscribed to. This way, you are automatically informed about new status messages via e-mail. This is recommended for services that you use very intensively in your daily work.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed in Outlook you can read here: RSS-Feed von Statusmeldungen in Outlook abonnieren

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