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NTP Timeserver (EN)


The central redundant NTP servers receive an exact time signal via GPS and Galileo. This signal is available for synchronization to all IT systems at RWTH Aachen University.


The following NTP servers are available within the university:

IPv4            ntp1.rwth-aachen.deStandort: Wendlingweg Seffenter Weg Wendlingweg
2a00:8a60:0:20::123ntp1.rwth-aachen.deStandort: Wendlingweg
2a00:8a60:0:21::123ntp2.rwth-aachen.deStandort: Seffenter Weg
2a00:8a60:0:22::123ntp3.rwth-aachen.deStandort: Wendlingweg


The IT Center has three time servers from the Meinberg company. These are stratum-0 systems synchronized by GPS (Global Positioning System) and Galileo. The NTP daemon, which directly uses this GPS/Galileo time as reference, is a stratum-1 time server.

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