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Downloading and connecting Teamviewer

Downloading and connecting Teamviewer


The IT-ServiceDesk QuickSupport is a part of the TeamViewer remote maintenance tool, which allows a remote control for PCs and Laptops.

This tool is especially helpful in support cases that are hard to solve without visual assistance.

The advantage of the QuickSupport is that it can be used without installation after downloading.


1. Downloading QuickSupport

Visit and save QuickSupport on your PC or Laptop.


2. Establishing connection

After the download and start of the QuickSupport, you will receive a unique-ID and a corresponding password.

Please tell your IT-ServiceDesk Supporter the ID and the password, so that they can start a remote session.

After a successfull connection, your device's display will be transfered and the remote session can be started.

The picture shows the Quicksupport start window.


3. Display by existing connection

During the active remote session your display looks like as shown on the picture

The picture shows the user desktop.

The TeamViewer window in the right corner is showing that the connection is active and your PC can be controlled remotely.

You can minimize the window by clicking on the arrow in the right corner. By clicking on the cross you can end the session.

The p.icture shows the Teamviewer connection overview

last changed on 02/10/2021

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