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Online-application for apprentices

Online-application for apprentices


Interested trainees can submit their applications to the RWTH Aachen using this online service. For the online application, the applicants require a personal e-mail address.

When registering, applicants select a training occupation and will first receive an e-mail with a personal access code. The online application covers personal details, contact address, grades and the optional possibility to add attachments (e.g. certificates). In the process, applicants can interrupt their entries at all times and complete them within a week. Once the information is complete, the applicants submit their application online. This forwards all information to the Department 8.4 - Education and Training. Applicants will be informed about the receipt of the application and missing documents may be requested by the Deparment 8.4 -Vocational & Further Training. Multiple selection of training occupations is not possible. Each occupation or each date requires a separate online application.

The development of the application procedure and the technical operation of the service are performed at the IT Center.

Data privacy

The application details are protected by an access code and transmitted in encrypted form. Applicants can delete their applications at all times without residue. Incomplete applications will be automatically deleted after a week.


Link to application and selection procedure

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last changed on 01/29/2021

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