The portals are a cooperative project of the Abt. 7.3 Einkauf und Zollangelegenheiten (Dept. 7.3 Purchasing and Asset Accounting) and the IT Center as a central institution.

Institutions of the RWTH Aachen can order hardware in various online portals. In the IT-Admin shop you can find standardized workstation computers, flat screen monitors and a small selection of laptops. This purchasing form is offered in addition to the existing methods. This eliminates the so-called "pink" order form and the necessity to perform a price comparison. However, the usual maximum purchasing limit of a gross EUR 5000 still applies. The rules for purchasing PC systems can be found in the procurement manual (internal!) for the RWTH.

Information regarding the purchase of network technology can also be found here.

In August 2013, a framework contract was signed with the company Alsterarbeit. In their online portal, they provide freely configurable Dell hardware (desktop computers, workstations and laptops).

On August 4, 2014, the monitor contract with Dell expired. At the same time, the new contract with Fujitsu and Cancom came into force. Monitors of both contracts can be ordered only via the IT-Admin shop.

Access is granted via the Shibboleth authentication in the Selfservice.

Please note the individual roles that cannot contain all permissions.
Viewing the portals without logging in as purchaser is possible on Asknet, Alsterarbeit and Regio-Shop.