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Software (RWTH High Performance Computing Windows)

Software (RWTH High Performance Computing Windows)


The table below provides an overview of the most relevant installed software products on the Windows part of the RWTH High Performance Computing. Besides, you will find some additional tools installed in order to support your work on the cluster. Please note that the usage of most of these products is subject to license fees. Details are described in the Software Portal.

The table shows if you are allowed to use the software.

 Softwareeveryone can use
this software

software is restricted
to employees and / or
institutes, this means,
students are NOT allowed
to use this software

this software needs
or a special license

you need
special rights,

to use this

Abaqus  X 
Altair Hyperworks  X 
Ansys  X 
Comsol  X 
IBM SPSS Statistics  X 
Intel Parallel Studio XEX   
Microsoft Office  X 
MIcrosoft Visual StudioX   
MSC Adams  X 
Origin  X 


Details are described in the Software Portal.

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