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How to get an account?

How to get an account?


How to get a HPC account?

In order to obtain an account for the RWTH High Performance Computing, employees, students and partners need to register for the service "RWTH High Performance Computing" in the RWTH RegApp. A detailed documentation can be found here.

After the account is created, a password needs to be set in order to be able to log in.

The system allows you to create only one account for the RWTH High Performance Computing. In order to facilitate collaboration with other users we can on request create further accounts for you. These secondary accounts are configured in such a way that a login is not possible (which implies that they do not allow to submit batch jobs).

External scientists can get an account in the context of an approved computing project.

What ist RegApp?

The RegApp manages HPC user's service password and ssh-keys and offers multi-factor-authentication on a voluntary basis.



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