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Lookup (and change) account data

Lookup (and change) account data


To display your account data we provide our own version of the well-known finger command:


Note that the command may ask for a password for authentication.

If you are the technical contact of a compute project, e.g. jara9867, you can use r_finger to list informations about the associated project account:

r_finger jara9867

The following command lists all your accounts:

r_finger \*


Account attributes

The following table lists some of the attributes r_finger may show:

AttributeDescriptionHow/where to change
MailContact e-mail addressIdM Selfservice
StatusYour RWTH status (employee, student, ...). May be listed multiple times.-
IKZ"Institutskennziffer". May be listed multiple times.-
RzclusterMember of the rzcluster mailing list (yes|no)r_chfn
OwnerFor project accounts: the owner(s) of the accountContact IT-ServiceDesk
ValidUntilFor project accounts: expiration dateContact IT-ServiceDesk

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