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Lookup (and change) account data

Lookup (and change) account data


To display your account data we provide our own version of the well-known finger command:


Note that the command may ask for a password for authentication.

If you are the technical contact of a compute project, e.g. jara9867, you can use r_finger to list informations about the associated project account:

r_finger jara9867

The following command lists all your accounts:

r_finger \*


Account attributes

The following table lists some of the attributes r_finger may show:

AttributeDescriptionHow/where to change
MailContact e-mail addressIdM Selfservice
StatusYour RWTH status (employee, student, ...). May be listed multiple times.-
IKZ"Institutskennziffer". May be listed multiple times.-
RzclusterMember of the rzcluster mailing list (yes|no)r_chfn
OwnerFor project accounts: the owner(s) of the accountContact IT-ServiceDesk
ValidUntilFor project accounts: expiration dateContact IT-ServiceDesk

Leaving the rzcluster mailing list

Each user who has an account for the RWTH Compute Cluster is automatically subscribed to the rzcluster mailing list about which announcements about the cluster are distributed. First of all, we would like to discourage you from leaving the list since you may miss important information. If you nevertheless want to unsubscribe, please use the following command:

r_chfn --rzcluster=no

Note that the command may ask for a password for authentication.

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