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Information concerning the technical contact person

Information concerning the technical contact person


In this document you can find all information that you need in order to manage your compute project on the RWTH High Performance Computing.


A project group with a name similar to abcd4321 will be created for your project.

  • jara4321 – big compute project in the JARA Partition
  • rwth4321 – small compute project (Tier-3)
  • nhr54321 - normal or large compute project (Tier-2)
  • prep4321 – compute project for preparation of a large research computing project in one of the categories NHR Normal or NHR Large
  • lect4321 – compute project in the context of a university course
  • thes4321 – compute project in the context of writing bachelor or master thesis
  • bund4321 - compute project for form BUND project categories
  • rnrw4321 – compute project for former RV-NRW users

The sequence of four letters shows the project type.

In the project application you provided the ID (HPC account) of the technical contact person (TC). If the TC has not yet such a personal HPC account he can create one. External users must first be invited to IdM via Coupon procedure.

The TC is configured as the initial owner of the group when the project is created. It is not possible to log in with the project account!

Please note: the HPC accounts do not appear in Selfservice; thus the TC cannot manage the project account using the IdM Selfservice. Please use RegApp insead.


For the next steps the TC needs interactive access to the RWTH High Performance Computing using his personal HPC account (user-ID).


He therefore has the permission to add other users, e.g. ab654321, using the command 'member':

member add --name jara9876 ab654321

In order to add further managers, e.g. mn123456, use the command

member add --name jara9876 --manager mn123456

Please remark, that a manager is not automatically a member, but can also be added to the project group.

Using the project

If the TC also wishes to use the project, he has to add his ID to the project as described above.

All batch jobs submitted as part of the project have to be explicitly associated with the project group, as described here.

The actual amount of resources used can be obtained with the command r_wlm_usage.

If you have questions, please direct them to our Service Desk:

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