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MPI backend systems

MPI backend systems



  • p.N. - per Node
  • all CPU Codename are meant to be 'Intel', if not anything to the contrary
  • Value '#Cores per Node' mean the physical cores (not Hyperthreading 'CPUs' reported in the OS system). By default the HyperThreading is OFF on our nodes; for those few with HT=ON remarks are posted here.

MPI backend Systems

For testing proper start-up of MPI jobs we provide a dedicated small partition within the cluster. The Xeon Phi (KNL) nodes are not used for MPI tests by default but are also listed here as they are not integrated into SLURM.

Node informationCluster information
Hardware Node TypeCPU CodenameCPU ModelClock Speed [GHz]#Nodes#Sockets per Node#Cores per Socket#Cores per NodeMemory per Node [GB]SSD/HDD size [GB]Sum SocketsSum CoresSum Memory [GB]Beginning of operation
Intel HNS2600BPBSkylakePlatinum 81602.14224481924808192768February 2019
NECXeon Phi (KNL)72101.31516464196240159602940November 2017 

Note that Xeon Phi (KNL) nodes have HyperThreading ON (4x).

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