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Installed Software (RWTH High Performance Computing Linux)

Installed Software (RWTH High Performance Computing Linux)


In the table below you can see in which section of the modules system you can find the software that you need. Please notice that the usage of most of these products is subject to license fees. More details are available in the Software Portal. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need other software products.


The stars indicate who is allowed to use the software; the links on the software name lead to addtional information regarding the software.

no star - everyone can use this software.
(grüner Stern) software is restricted to members the RWTH University, external users - like members of the FH Aachen, the Research Center Jülich, etc. are NOT allowed to use this software.
(Stern) software is restricted to employees and / or institutes, which means students are NOT allowed to use this software.
(roter Stern) this software needs an additional user registration or a special license.
(blauer Stern) you need special rights in order to use this software.

To get more information, please contact our ServiceDesk.

 archer(Stern)abaqus abinit clustering acml freerdp(Stern)ensight(grüner Stern) gurobi
 clang(Stern)adams cantera 

cube, cubegui, cubelib, cubew

 alps gnuplot paraview(grüner Stern) gurobipy
 cmake ansys cosmoconf darshan boost intelclck(roter Stern)tecplot(Stern)maple
 cuda, cudnn(roter Stern)easy5 cp2k dimemeas cgal(grüner Stern)matlab techplotchorus(grüner Stern)mathematica
 ddt(roter Stern)comsol dalton extrae deal.ll tensorflow visit  r-project 
 forge (ARM, ex. Allinea)(Stern)dymola(grüner Stern)gamess extrap hdf5 Jupyter Notebook    
 gcc(Stern)dytran(blauer Stern) (grüner Stern)gaussian folding intelmkl 


 gmake fds(grüner Stern)gaussview jube  inteltbb

(blauer Stern)


 intel(Stern)hyperworks gromacs, VMD must nag (C, Fotran)      
 intelaxe(roter Stern)icem 

lammps, ligggths

 opari2 petsc      
 intelitac(Stern)lsdyna (roter Stern) orca otf2 pnetcdf      
 intelixe(Stern)lsopt openbabel papi  sprng      
 intelmpi lsprepost openmx paraver        
 intelvtune (VTune Amplifier)(Stern)nastran (MSC) qe scalasca        
 (blauer Stern)likwid openfoam siesta scorep        
 nagfor patran(grüner Stern)turbomole[-mpi|-smp] tracking        
 ninja-build(Stern)starcd(roter Stern) vasp vampir        
 nvhpc(Stern)starccm vmd          
 openmpi   xtb          

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