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Access the Software Shop

Access the Software Shop



The login is the same for all users and works with your user name (format: ab123456) and the password for the RWTH Single Sign-On Account.

When logging in via SSO, the current email address entered in the campus is transmitted. This is automatically updated, so that no manual change of the e-mail address in the software store is necessary.

After successful login you can choose in which role you want to act (e.g. as a student or as an employee for private orders). In addition to roles that are able to place orders, there is a "viewer" role. With this role, all software products can be viewed, but an order is only possible after a change of role ("Change role").

The following users can order in the software shop:


Persons with student status in the Identity Management can order software privately for their studies.


Persons with the role "Bestellung IT" in the Identity Management are able to place orders for their organizational unit via the Software Shop as an "IT-Besteller". The use of the software shop is independently regulated by each organizational unit by assigning the role to one or more employees via the role administration. The "IT-Besteller" can log on to use the role via the self-service or directly in the Software Shop using the username (format: ab123456) and password for the RWTH Single Sign-On Account.


Persons with employee status in the Identity Management can purchase software for private purposes from the Software Shop.


last changed on 05/05/2023

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