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Access and use of Adobe ETLA

Access and use of Adobe ETLA



Creating Adobe account

Every user needs an account in Adobe Admin Console of RWTH to be able to use licenses within the contract of „Adobe ETLA Point Consortium”. The use of licenses via a colleague's account is not permitted. The IT purchaser of your institute can apply for the account by sending an e-mail to the IT-ServiceDesk.

The following information concerning the Adobe accounts are stored:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Primary RWTH e-mail address

Additionally for creating an account, we need an order confirmation from the Software-Shop so that we can assign the licence to the person.


Adobe licenses are only intended for official use. You are not allowed to store data in the Adobe Cloud. All services from Adobe based on Cloud are deactivated.

A self-management of the accounts via SeviRe is planned in future.


Checking the primary e-mail address

During the registration on Adobe it is important to use the e-mail address that is provided in the RWTH Single Sign-On data. If a user has several e-mail addresses at the RWTH, it is possible that the wrong e-mail address is stored by Adobe. In this case, one of the following error messages is shown:

 The picture shows the Adobe error message "Access denied"

To find out the primary e-mail address, please do the following.

Go to the page an click on "Login" on the top right. You will see a login window. Enter and click Continue.

Adobe ETLA EN 1

You will be forwarded to the RWTH Single Sign-On. Please check the box in front of  Display overview of personal data to be forwarded and enter your login data.

The picture shows the RWTH Single Sign-On mask

After the login the forwarded data are shown. The e-mail address provided here is the one we need to create an account for you.

The picture shows the information provided through the RWTH Single Sign-On

Now you can cancel the procedure.



The initial information regarding installation can be found here.

After the successful installation, open the package and enter for the login.

Adobe ETLA EN 1

Optional: If you have provided an e-mail address with which you also have a private Adobe Account, you will see an intermediate step asking which account you wish to log in with. Please choose Company or School Account.

Selecting "Company or School Account"

You’re now transferred to RWTH Single Sign On. Please login with your credentials for RWTH Single Sign On.

The picture shows the RWTH Single Sign-On mask

You can use the software after a successful login.


The RWTH Single Sign-On attributes and the data stored in Adobe have to be the same. If a user has several e-mail addresses at the RWTH, the right e-mail address has to be chosen for the Adobe account. This e-mail address is shown during the first connection to Adobe.


Storage of documents

It is not allowed to store data in the Document Cloud. Please choose the setting „On my PC“ when opening documents.

Adobel ETLA 4

Users who own a Shared Device license and not a Named User license get an error message when first connecting as there is no allocated Cloud storage.

Adobel ETLA 5

last changed on 02/14/2022

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