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Layout of the Software Shop

Layout of the Software Shop


Layout of the software shop

On the left side, the software products are assigned to different areas. The A-products are software prefinanced by the IT Center, with the purchase of which you participate in the costs incurred. The B-products are software for which the RWTH has concluded framework agreements with the companies. For A- and B-products no price comparison is necessary. In addition, other software products are offered by the operator of the software portal, the company asknet Solutions AG, itself. The guidelines set out in the procurement manual apply to these products. This means that for products that exceed the sum of EUR 3,000 net, a price comparison must be obtained and the corresponding guidelines of the procurement manual must be adhered to. In the case of grants, the regulations of the grant notice apply.

Procurements over EUR 10,000

Orders by IT purchasers of A-products over 10,000€ can now also be ordered via the Software Shop; no separate procurement request needs to be generated. The order will then be checked by the staff of Dept. 7.3. If the check is positive, you will receive an order confirmation. You can view the status of the approval at any time in the Software Shop.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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