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What licenses are part of Adobe ELTA package?

What licenses are part of Adobe ELTA package?


Adobe ETLA

Such licenses are rental licenses, which means that a license is valid starting from the point of time it has been ordered up to the end of the framework license agreement. Unlike in the CLP contract, you have the possibility to upgrade the purchased software products to the newest version during the license period under this contract.


Available licenses

The following products are available for purchase in the Software-Shop:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (Named User License)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (Shared Device License)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Named User License)

The following licenses can be added to the contract up to the contract deadline, 23 November. For this purpose, the RWTH organisations should contact the IT-ServiceDesk beforehand. 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (500 Students) - for courses
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (1000 Students) - for courses
  • Adobe Capative

Licensing of single applications is not possible anymore. This means that Adobe Photoshop, InDesign Premiere and Co. can only be used via Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps.

License models

There are two license models available:

Serial numbers had been available untill 20.11.2020. These had to be transferred to the Named User (NUL) or Shared Device (SDL, see below) license model

Access and Usage

For more information on how to log in to these licenses, please click here.

No data is allowed to be stored in the Document Cloud of Abode.

Data protection

The data processing agreement (AVV) is a part of the framework agreement between the RWTH and Adobe.

last changed on 02/03/2021

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