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Installation, versions and updates

Installation, versions and updates

Is it possible to downgrade to an older version?

No. Only the newest version is available. The installation data for older versions should be extra packaged, that is why they are not available. 

How can I as an administrator without a license provide updates for the users and how can I check if there are any updates available?

You can use the Adobe Remote Update Manager (RUM) to provide the updates. This manager is not suitable for checking the available updates though.

Please see an example of a check using the windows command line prompt below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE_Enterprise\RemoteUpdateManager\RemoteUpdateManager.exe



Following Acrobat/Reader updates are applicable on the system :




*** Installing (AdobeAcrobatDC-20.0) ...

*** Successfully installed (AdobeAcrobatDC-20.0) but system reboot is required...


For more information about the configuration and usage of the RUM see:

How can I check what package has been installed and if the installation has been successful?

Adobe creates PDapp.log. file during the installation. You can find this file in the TEMP register (Windows: C:\Windows\Temp; macOS: /private/var/root/Library/Logs).

For more information about this file and error codes it contains see:

Are there any alternatives for Adobe products?

For information about alternatives for Adobe products see:

I am getting an error during the installation process and the installation is stopped. Why? 

It is possible that there are some files of the old installation (with series numbers) left on the computer. Please uninstall the old installation thoroughly. It is advisable to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for that. For the tool download and for user guidance please visit Adobe website.

Why does Adobe Lightroom not work?

The Lightroom cannot be used as it is a cloud based application. The cloud services have been disabled for the RWTH license. Please use Lightroom Classic instead.

I have uninstalled all Adobe installations and used the Creative Cloud Cleaner for that, but the installation still cannot be completed. What should I do?

The most frequent reason for installation problems is a conflict with a running process. Please make sure that all Adobe applications, Office applications and browsers are closed during the installation. As Add-Ins for some other programs are being installed during the Adobe installation, the process may be canceled if one of these programs is running.

If a problem persists, please provide us with the complete log data of the device in question. Please use the Log Collector Tool to gather all the log data and attach the generated .zxp-data to your inquiry that you send to the IT-ServiceDesk.

As an admin, why am I unable to access the software packages in a SelfServiceForAdmin installation?

To access the software packages as an admin, you need an Adobe account. An account without license assignment is sufficient for this purpose. Please contact the IT-ServiceDesk to have an account created for you.

last changed on 06/01/2022

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