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Questions about Adobe ELTA

Questions about Adobe ELTA

Is it allowed to install and use NUL on several devices?

The assigned user can use the software on two devices if the devices are not used simultaneously. If one logs in on the third device, the message is shown that another device is to be deactivated before the product can be used on this device.

I have forgotten what data are transferred in case of Shibboleth login. How can I find it out?

Please follow  this manual for checking your primary e-mail address to find out what data are transferred in case of Shibboleth login.

Is it allowed to install SDL on terminal servers?

No, it is not allowed to install Shared Device licenses on terminal servers.

Can NUL be converted into SDL or vice versa?

No, the convertion between NUL and SDL is not possible.

Can NUL users log in on a computer with a SDL?

Yes, users who already have a NUL can log in on a computer with a SDL.

In this case though, both NUL and SDL are used.

Is it possible to downgrade to an older version?

No. Only the newest version is available. The installation data for older versions should be extra packaged, that is why they are not available. 

How can I as an administrator without a license provide updates for the users and how can I check if there are any updates available?

You can use the Adobe Remote Update Manager (RUM) to provide the updates. This manager is not suitable for checking the available updates though.

Please see an example of a check using the windows command line promt below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE_Enterprise\RemoteUpdateManager\RemoteUpdateManager.exe



Following Acrobat/Reader updates are applicable on the system :




*** Installing (AdobeAcrobatDC-20.0) ...

*** Successfully installed (AdobeAcrobatDC-20.0) but system reboot is required...


For more information about the configuration and usage of the RUM see:

Why is Internet Explorer always used to log in on the Adobe page if I start the login out of the software?

Unfortunately it is not possible to choose a browser during the logiin as Acrobat uses the Internet Explorer as a basic engine for the login.

I am getting a message that my license has exired and that I can use the test version only.

The picture shows an error message in Adobe

That means that you have logged in with your private AdobeID. Please try to log out and to log in again. Please follow during the login the steps described here. If you do not need you private AdobeID, you must detele it by yourself.

I get the message "Access denied" or "Another user is logged in at the moment" when I try to log in. What can I do?

The picture shows an error message in Adobe The picture shows an error message in Adobe

In this case, an Adobe account has not been created with you primary e-mail address. Please check you address as described here and send us the right e-mail address.

Why do I get the message " No access to applications" when I open Creative Cloud Desktop?

You can only use the Creative Cloud Desktop, if you have installed All Apps package with Self-Service. Other packages (All Apps without Self-Service and Acrobat Pro DC) do not provide access to the Creative Cloud Desktop app. All licensed products are installed here so that you do not have to use Creative Cloud Desktop to use them.

How can I check what package has been installed and if the installation has been successful?

Adobe creates PDapp.log. file during the installation. You can find this file in the TEMP register (Windows: C:\Windows\Temp; macOS: /private/var/root/Library/Logs).

For more information about this file and error codes it contains see:

Are there any alternatives for Adobe products?

For information about altertatives for Adobe products see:

I am getting an error during the installation process and the installation is stopped. Why? 

It is possible that there are some files of the old installation (with series numbers) left on the computer. Please uninstall the old installation thoroughly. It is advisable to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool for that. For the tool download and for user guidance please visit Adobe website.

Why do I get the message "Access denied" when after the login on the Adobe website I click on "Download Acrobat DC Pro"? 

Das Bild zeigt die Option zum Herunterladen von Adobe DC Pro

The reason for the message is disabling of an online service for the RWTH license that the link Download Acrobat DC Pro forwards to. Please use the intallation files provided on the download server.

Why does Adobe Lightroom not work?

The Lightroom cannot be used as it is a cloud based application. The cloud services have been disabled for the RWTH license. Please use Lightroom Classic instead.

I have a functional or not an RWTH e-mail as my primary address in the trasferred data. Can an account be created with this e-mail?

It is not possible to use functional or not an RWTH e-mail for creating an Adobe account. Please change your Campus entry accordingliy. Your entry can be changed by your intitute via the access in Campus as Organisation.

What happens if I already have a private Adobe account with the e-mail address which is transferred as the primary address? 

It is not a problem. It you do not use for the login, you are forwarded to an intermediate step. Here please choose Company or School Account.

The picture shows an intermediate step during the login on the Adobe page

Can SDL be installed on mobile devices (tablet, smoartphone, etc.)?

No, SDL cannot be installed on mobile Devices. In order to use SDL, the installation-packages that we currently offer must be used, i.e. installation as an app is not complete. Since we can not build installation packages for mobile devices, we can not build this as well.

last changed on 29.01.2021

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