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Information on the new Adobe ETLA Contract (valid from 23.11.2022)

Information on the new Adobe ETLA Contract (valid from 23.11.2022)


The contract "Adobe ETLA for Desktop" was finalised by the RWTH Aachen in February 2016, and in November 2019, the contract was extended by three years to the 22nd of November 2022 under the new name "ETLA Point Consortium".

Starting on the 23rd of November 2022, this contract will once again be extended by three years, the new end date being the 22nd of November 2025.

These are rental licences, meaning that the licence will run out on the end date of the framework contract. Unlike the CLP contract, these licences offer the option of upgrading your software to the current version for the duration of the licence.

Ordered Licences for the new contract duration

The following licences will be available in the software shop as soon as they are made available to us in the Adobe Console (presumably around the end of November 2022).

  • Acrobat Pro DC (named user)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Pro (named user)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Pro (shared device)

Licences ready to order starting on the 23rd of November:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Pro Students (500,1000 St.)
  • Captivate (named user)
  • Adobe Sign for enterprise (min. 3000)

Licence details / changes from the old contract

  • Acrobat Pro DC (Named User)
    • Exclusive to teaching personnel and staff
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Pro (Named User)
    • now additionally contains 220 million standard assets from Adobe Stock
    • Exclusive to teaching personnel and staff
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Pro (Shared Device)
    • no longer available on shared workstations, instead exclusively available for RWTH devices in lecture halls and study rooms
    • Uses special installation software, and is therefore not available on mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet)
    • No access to Adobe Stock

New Prices

As the call for bids is not yet finished, final prices under the new contract are not fixed.

We do, however, expect prices to increase by roughly 10-15%.

The handoff of new licences to the institutions of the RWTH will likely take place around the end of November via the software shop. Those new licences will then run until the end date of the framework contract. Over the duration of the contract, prices will decrease alongside the remaining contract duration. 

What do you have to take care of before the new Contract takes effect? 

In the time leading up to the new contract, before the 4th of November 2022, please try to delete as many inactive Adobe-Users as possible in SeviRe. A guide on that process can be found here.

If the amount of your current users does not exceed the amount of newly purchased licences (under the new contract), those licences will be distributed to existing users automatically. Should you have purchased fewer new licences, the IT Center will contact you to clear up the assignment those licences.

What steps do you have to take after the 23rd of November 2022?

  • In case of a switch from shared device licences to named user licences for Creative Cloud All Apps Pro, the software must be reinstalled.
  • If you are continuing to use SDL, these also need to be reinstalled. New packages will likely be available around the end of November.
  • We recommend frequently updating any packages without selfservice in order to keep running software versions that are supported by Adobe

What do Adobe Users have to do?

After you have been assigned your new Creative Cloud All Apps Pro licences, you may need to log out of your account once in order to gain access to all available features and software of Creative Cloud All Apps Pro. Users who exclusively use Acrobat Pro will be unaffected by this.


Self-Management of Adobe Users by IT-Procurement Personnel

last changed on 12/20/2022

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