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Adobe account

Adobe account

I have forgotten what data are transferred in case of Shibboleth login. How can I find it out?

Please follow  this manual for checking your primary e-mail address to find out what data are transferred in case of Shibboleth login.

Why is Internet Explorer always used to log in on the Adobe page if I start the login out of the software?

Unfortunately it is not possible to choose a browser during the login as Acrobat uses the Internet Explorer as a basic engine for the login.

I have a functional or not an RWTH e-mail as my primary address in the transferred data. Can an account be created with this e-mail?

It is not possible to use functional or not an RWTH e-mail for creating an Adobe account. Please change your Campus entry accordingly. Your entry can be changed by your institute via the access in Campus as Organisation.

What happens if I already have a private Adobe account with the e-mail address which is transferred as the primary address? 

It is not a problem. If you use for the login, you are forwarded to an intermediate step. Here please choose Company or School Account.

Choosing an account type

last changed on 23.08.2021

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