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Error messages

Error messages

I am getting a message that my license has expired and that I can use the test version only.

Error message Your Illustrator license has expired

That means that you have logged in with your private Adobe ID. Please try to log out and to log in again. Please follow during the login the steps described here. If you do not need you private Adobe ID, you must delete it by yourself.

I get the message "Access denied" or "Another user is logged in at the moment" when I try to log in. What can I do?

Error message Access denied Error message Access denied

In this case, an Adobe account has not been created with you primary e-mail address. Please check you address as described here and send us the right e-mail address.

Why do I get the message " No access to applications" when I open Creative Cloud Desktop?

Error message No access to the application management

You can only use the Creative Cloud Desktop, if you have installed All Apps package with Self-Service. Other packages (All Apps without Self-Service and Acrobat Pro DC) do not provide access to the Creative Cloud Desktop app. All licensed products are installed here so that you do not have to use Creative Cloud Desktop to use them.

Why do I get the message "Access denied" when after the login on the Adobe website I click on "Download Acrobat DC Pro"? 

Error message during Adobe Pro DC download

The reason for the message is disabling of an online service for the RWTH license that the link Download Acrobat DC Pro forwards to. Please use the installation files provided on the download server.

last changed on 07/23/2021

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