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Adobe ETLA Point Consortium

Adobe ETLA Point Consortium


The "Adobe ETLA for Desktop" contract was concluded by the RWTH Aachen in Februar 2016 and was renewed for the next three years till November 22, 2022 under ther name "ELTA Point Consortium". This contract allows to purchase licenses for the Adobe Creative Suite in the Software shop.

Such licenses are rental licenses, which means that a license is valid starting from the point of time when it was ordered (on an exact monthly basis) up to the end of the framework license agreement. Unlike in the CLP contract, you have the possibility to upgrade the purchased software products to the newest version during the license period under this contract.

The data processing agreement (AVV) is a part of the framework agreement between the RWTH and Adobe.

Further information about the Adobe ETLA Point Consortium contract can be found on the following pages.

last changed on 01/29/2021

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