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What is Simulia Suite?

What is Simulia Suite?


Switch from the Abaqus Licenses to Simulia Suite

Our Abaqus licenses have been expanded with the extension of the contract on May 01, 2015. Insight, Tosca, Fe-Safe and ATOM will now be supported in addition to Abaqus. Together those form the product Simulia Suite and they are now listed in the Software-Shop in the list of A-Products under Simulia(Abaqus).

Instead of the the product "Abaqus erste Lizenz" ("Abaqus first license") and "Abaqus jede weitere Lizenz" ("Abaqus every other license) you will now find the products:

      - Simulia Suite mit 1 Interactive Seat zum Verwenden des GUIs und 10 Execution Token zum Berechnen (Simulia Suite with 1 interactive seat for the use of the GUI and 10 Execution Tokens for calculations)

      - Simulia Execution Token im Bundle von 10 Execution Token (Bundle of 10 Simulia Execution Tokens)

Information on how many tokens are necessary for which calculation depending on the used product and the number of processors can be found in this document.

Please use Tosca instead of the licenses for Abaqus ATOM.



The manufacturer Dassault Systems offers web training on the website These are available to members of academic institutions free of charge. To do this, the user must register on the website. 
Please note, that the registration must be carried out by using a university e-mail address (private e-mail addresses do not work here).

last changed on 04/20/2023

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