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Licenses (SDL and NUL)

Licenses (SDL and NUL)

Is it allowed to install and use NUL on several devices?

The assigned user can use the software on two devices if the devices are not used simultaneously. If one logs in on the third device, the message is shown that another device is to be deactivated before the product can be used on this device.

Is it allowed to install SDL on terminal servers?

No, it is not allowed to install Shared Device licenses on terminal servers.

Can NUL be converted into SDL or vice versa?

No, the convertion between NUL and SDL is not possible.

Can NUL users log in on a computer with a SDL?

Yes, users who already have a NUL can log in on a computer with a SDL.

In this case though, both NUL and SDL are used.

Can SDL be installed on mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.)?

No, SDL cannot be installed on mobile Devices. In order to use SDL, the installation-packages that we currently offer must be used, i.e. installation as an app is not complete. Since we can not build installation packages for mobile devices, we can not build this as well.

last changed on 08/23/2021

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