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Object Storage


Currently there is no service description according to service catalog. Object Storage is in the trial phase.

The aim of trial phase is the development of expertise in operation and use of object-based storage.

RWTH Aachen Institutions have access to a storage infrastructure that is centrally operated by the IT Center.

In 2018, the infrastructure is secured for the next two years with manufacturer support from DELL EMC (hardware framework agreement) and Red Hat (ceph Object Storage) as well as the associated operation.

The advantages of this initial procurement were a distributed solution with a redundancy level of 5+3 (Erasure Coding, Reed-Solomon, Jerasure, here: k=5 and m=3) [1].

1] Jerasure: A Library in C Facilitating Erasure Coding for Storage Applications, Jerasure

Thus a distributed Erasure-Coding redundancy is given over the location "Seffenter Weg 23, "kleine Maschinenhalle"; "Wendlingweg 10"; "Super C Keller" and "CARL Keller".

Data loss can be averted in the event of failure of a building (e.g. due to fire), under optimum operating conditions, without impairing availability.