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Installation of Sophos Antivirus on Windows

Installation of Sophos Antivirus on Windows


This manual describes the installation of Sophos Endpoint and Security Control 10.3 on a Windows system (Windows 8,8.1,10).


1. Download and Start the Installer

Download the latest version of the installer from the page access and start the installer.

Sophos auf Windows1Sophos auf Windows 2


2. Accept the License Terms 

Sophos auf Windows 3


3. Select the Installation Directory

Sophos auf Windows 4


4. Configuration of the Update Server 

Enter the corresponding update URL for your product. A user name/password is not required.

Please notice:

The corresponding update URL can be found here: access.

Sophos auf Windows 5


5. Sophos Client Firewall

Provided the Sophos Client Firewall is supported by your system, you can choose whether you want the firewall component to be installed. 

Sophos auf Windows 6


6. Third-Party Software 

At this point the setup offers to automatically remove virus scanners of other manufacturers where available. Simultaneously running multiple virus scanners on the same system is most likely to cause problems.  

Sophos auf Windows 7


7. Completing the Installation

Sophos auf Windows 8Sophos auf Windows 9

last changed on 07/14/2022

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