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Installation of Sophos Antivirus on Linux

Installation of Sophos Antivirus on Linux


This manual describes the installation of Sophos Anti-Virus on Linux.

The installation is only possible from within the RWTH network.


1. Where required Install 32-Bit Libs on a 64-Bit system

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

2. Download and Extract the Sophos Installation Package 

& wget tar zxvf ~/sav-linux-9-i386.tgz cd ~/sophos-av

3. Installation of the Virus Scanner

sudo ./ - Press <return> to display License. Then press <spc> to scroll forward - Do you accept the license? Yes (Y)/No(N) [N] --> Y - Where do you want to install Sophos Anti-Virus? [/opt/sophos-av] --> <return> - Do you want to enable on-access scanning? Yes(Y)/No(N) [Y] --> <return> - Username for Sophos Anti-Virus GUI? [admin] --> <return> - Password for Sophos Anti-Virus GUI? --> your password Re-enter the same password. --> your password - Which type of auto-updating do you want? From Sophos(s)/From own server(o)/None(n) [s] --> o - Website or directory from which to update? [] --> - Username for update source on your own server? (blank username indicates no authentication is required) [] --> <return> - Do you need a proxy to access update source on your own server? Yes(Y)/No(N) [N] --> <return>

4. Optional, Automatic E-mail Notification upon Detection of Viruses  

firefox http://localhost:8081/ - walk to flag "Alerts" - change Hostname or IP address of the SMTP server: --> <Set> - change Email recipients: --> <Add New Entry> - select "root@localhost" --> <Remove Selected Entry>

5. Instant Update after Installation 

sudo /opt/sophos-av/update/ Update completed. Successfully updated Sophos Anti-Virus from

last changed on 07/14/2022

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