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Sophos Enterprise Console

Sophos Enterprise Console


For the administration of the normal workstations in the institute network, the installation of an own server with the Sophos Enterprise Console is recommended for institutions of the RWTH Aachen University. This will also install the Sophos Update Manager (SUM) component, which automatically downloads the latest updates from the IT Center server and makes them available on the local network. Enterprise Console allows you to centrally control the installation, configuration and update of Sophos Anti-Virus software on the workstations. Another advantage is that the network traffic on the institute's UPlink is reduced, as only one server asks for updates and distributes them to the institute's network. Access to Enterprise Console updates is provided with user authentication.

Please notice:

Sophos Enterprise Console is only available to facilities. The update paths for Sophos Enterprise Console require authentication. To obtain an appropriate account for your institution, please contact the IT service desk.


last changed on 07/14/2022

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