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Local Disc Space

Local Disc Space


  • User Profile size: User profiles are files stored in C:\Users\<username> and are copied from your Homefolder to this location at login time and copied back at logoff.
    The size of the profile is limited to 2GB.
    If your profile exceeds this size, you will be notified by a popup window, telling you to reduce it.
    If you do not follow this request, your profile cannot be copied back on logoff and you might lose new data stored in it.
    Typical folders which can grow very large are e.g. c:\user\<username>\.cfx, the Thunderbird offline cache or a dropbx cache.
    These applications per default save data in your profile instead of your Homedrive.
    Be sure to configure them to store data on H:\!

  • C:\ : Some users try to store data or applications on C:\.
    Do not create files or folders on C:\, because they will be deleted automatically and without warning!

  • %TEMP% or D:\TEMP\<username>: Most applications need a location to store temporary data, most of them use %TEMP% for this purpose.
    For this requirement, we provide a directory on D:\temp\<username>.
    Again, there is very limited disc space. Please try to configure your application to use working directories on W:\ where applicable and possible.
    Data in %TEMP% will be deleted at session logoff.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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