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Exclude files (INCLUDE-EXCLUDE-List)

Exclude files (INCLUDE-EXCLUDE-List)



Controlling which files of a file system are backed up or not is effected by means of a so-called "include-exclude-list". In this list, the following three statements are being used:

INCLUDEFiles are backed up
EXCLUDEFiles are not backed up
EXCLUDE.DIRExclude directories and subdirectories

The statements INCLUDE and EXCLUDE take as argument a file, the statement EXCLUDE.DIR takes as argument a directory. Both cases allow for the usage of "Wildcards" to be able to select multiple files or groups of files or directories. Some of the essential and useful "Wildcards" are shown in the following table:

?arbitrary character (except characters separating directories)
*arbitrary character string (except characters separating directories), none or any number of directories

By means of INCLUDE, EXCLUDE and EXCLUDE.DIR, a list of "include-exclude-statements" can be specified in the configuration file (dsm.sys/dsm.opt). When backing up a file, this list will be used to check if a file will be included in or excluded from the backup. This list is processed from the bottom up and the first statement whose pattern fits this file determines, whether the file will be backed up or not. The only exception is the EXCLUDE.DIR-statement. This one is generally first checked for accordance with the current file/directory, regardless of the position in the "include-exclude-list". If no statement is found for a file, it is implicitly backed up.

If previously backed up files are subsequently excluded from the backup by using an '"include-exclude-list", these files are not directly deleted from the data stock of the TSM server but expire according to certain rules (see service functioning). A description of how these files can instantly be deleted is provided in the sections "Deleting entire File Systems (Partitions)" and "Deleting individual Files and Directories".

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