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Be aware

The date for switching the previous IBM infrastructure to "Read Only" has been moved back from 30.11.2022 to 17.01.2023. From this time onwards, only the new backup solution and infrastructure will be available for backing up your IT.


In support cases concerning backup and archives services of the IT Center please send an e-mail to or use the Ticket-Tool Webportal. Here you can find further general information on using our support.


Support Procedure

Should you encounter any problems, please first make sure that the operation is not interrupted due to maintenance. Maintenance activities are announced on the disturbance page of the IT Center. If this is not the case, you should check the following issues:

  • Is the TSM-Scheduler running? (backup only)
  • Is there a network problem?
  • Is the Firewall configured correctly?
  • Is the TSM configuration file (dsm.sys / dsm.opt) correctly processed?

Please send an e-mail to or use the Ticket-Tool Webportal and always disclose the following information:

  • description of the problem
  • operating system (CentOS 5 Update 3, Ubuntu 12.04, etc. and architecture [32/64bit])
  • node name
  • TSM Server
  • installed TSM client version
  • the file 'dsminfo.txt' generated by the command 'dsmc q systeminfo'
  • other information on the local system
  • dsm.opt, dsm.sys, dsmerror.log, dsmsched.log and dsmwebcl.log
  • where necessary, information on the network connection


Documentation (IBM)

IBM Knowledge Center, Tivoli Storage Manager (all versions)

last changed on 12/02/2022

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