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Displaying/selecting deleted Files

Displaying/selecting deleted Files


By default, only active versions of a file are displayed. In order to be able to restore or, in the first place, select inactive versions (i.e. older versions of a file or deleted files), you have to shift the view in the menu item 'View' from 'Display active files only' to 'Display active/inactive files'. Inactive files are now displayed as well. On Windows systems inactive files are highlighted by a blue symbol, on Unix system by a red square before the file name. 


After shifting the view, inactive files (in the example: two versions of the file backup2.bmp) are displayed. For each version of a file, information about the creation, alteration and save date are available, so that the desired version of a file to be restored can easily be determined and selected.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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