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Hints for support

Hints for support



Be aware

As of November 30, 2022, the previous IBM infrastructure will be switched to "Read Only", so that from this point of time only the new backup solution and infrastructure will be available for backing up your IT.

The IT Center can best support you with standard questions if you observe the following instructions :

  • Always install the latest client version that is compatible with our infrastructure
  • If you have questions about your client configuration, at least the following questions should be answered :
    • Which operating system version do you use? (operating system version, architecture, etc.)
    • What amount of data and number of files should be backed up and have you backed up / or should be backed up?

Possible solutions:

  • Teamviewer session
  • IBM Software-Support

Instructions for required support data:


last changed on 11/10/2022

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