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Preparing a restore on the TSM server

Preparing a restore on the TSM server


In some cases, the restore cannot be instantly initiated, if e.g.:

  • first new hardware has to be purchased¬†
  • first the operating system has to be reinstalled
  • ...

In such a case you can use the time to prepare the restore on the TSM server. In doing so, the data to be restored can already be read from the tapes in advance and stored in a so-called "backup set" (which could be located e.g. in the file system of the TSM server). The restore can then be performed from this "backup set". Since it is not required to read the data from the tapes again, the restore is usually accelerated.

Generating a "backup set" only makes sense if:

  1. restoring the data cannot instantly be initiated.
  2. large amounts of data (>100 GB) need to be restored.

In such cases, please get in touch with us.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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