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General information about the backup-changeover

General information about the backup-changeover


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Unfortunately, we have encountered unforeseen challenges in the provision of the backup infrastructure. The technical problems have therefore caused a delay in the start of the changeover.

Currently, we expect a delay of about two more weeks.
An extension of the maintenance for the still existing and used hardware will be arranged. This should extend the changeover period by about two months.

Colleagues and manufacturers are working on solutions to enable the changeover to begin as quickly as possible. 

As soon as the backup infrastructure can be used and the changeover can be started, we will inform the users via the usual channels and ways.

***Update May 12, 2022***

The central problem in the hardware could be solved this morning. We are thus on the home stretch:
Next up is the completion of the installation of the system, as well as necessary testing for production operation to ensure the integrity of the backup service.

At this point, due to the delay, the go live date has not yet been scheduled. With the system installation complete, we plan to provide them with the update on the Go Live date next week.

***Update June 17, 2022***

The installation and deployment of the new backup infrastructure is operational. On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the Friendly User Group gained access to the software for the backup-changeover. The installation of the software packages for the Windows and Linux operating systems is currently being tested by the Friendly User Group.

The technical requirements are in place, but processes still need to be finalized and implemented so that, for example, the assignment of permissions can take place automatically.

We apologize for the delay during implementation. Further information and updates will follow continuously here from now on.

last changed on 06/17/2022

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