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Backup files via client

Backup files via client


The following texts describe, how to backup data with TSM and how to select or exclude the files to be backed up. In order to restore data as fast as possible in case of a restore and to use storage resources optimally, only "business critical" data should be backed up with the TSM client. In case of a data loss, this data cannot be reconstructed anymore. Under this aspect it is for example not useful to save "browser caches" or temporary files, which can be reconstructed after a data loss or whose loss is not to be classified as critical. Neither should software that can be easily reinstalled be backed up. These simple measures allow larger storage capacities to be used to back up "critical" data. In addition, in the event of a data loss, your restore can be accelerated because a smaller amount of data has to be written back.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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