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Download & Installation (IBM Spectrum Protect)

Download & Installation (IBM Spectrum Protect)


Download the latest client software

You can download the latest client version for your operating system by following the process described here.

If you have opened the link from IBM in a browser, open the directory of the latest version and download the X.X.X.X-TIV-TSMBAC-WinX64.exe.


Installation der Client-Software


After downloading the software, run the X.X.X.X-TIV-TSMBAC-WinX64.exe to extract the installation folder.

The installation folder (TSMClient) will be extracted into the same directory as the X.X.X.X-TIV-TSMBAC-WinX64.exe!

To start the installation, run spinstall.exe in the extracted installation folder (TSMClient).

First select the language for the installation.


Additional packages may need to be installed before installing the client software.

Install these packages by clicking Install.


After installing the packages, click Next.


In the third window, select the desired destination folder for the installation and click Next.


In the fourth window, select the Typical installation and click Next.

Please note:

If required, you can specify the features to be installed in the Custom option.

Usually, however, the standard installation is recommended.

Now you can Install the client software.


If needed, you can view the log file after the installation.

The installation of the client software is now complete.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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