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Configuration (IBM Spectrum Protect)

Configuration (IBM Spectrum Protect)


Determine the TSM server, port number, and node name of backup node

Please note:

For optimization reasons (load distribution, performance, ...) several server instances (logical TSM servers) are operating on the backup system of the IT Center.

In order to be able to distribute resources optimally, carry out backup and restore processes as quickly as possible, nodes of a facility are not assigned to a fixed TSM server, but are usually set up on different TSM servers.

To find out the corresponding information of your backup node, log into the Backup/Restore & Archive Self-Service Portal(Link) and click Backup in the left column under the Node tab.

To view the information, click the information("i") icon of the corresponding backup node in the table that appears.

Create the configuration file

Please note:

After installing the Spectrum Protect client (once called TSM), the central configuration file has to be created first. The configuration file for Windows is called dsm.opt and can be found here: 


You will find an example for dsm.opt here.

Please adjust at least the following parameters. You can edit the dsm.opt with an editor of your choice. Use the Backup/Restore & Archive Self-Service Portalto determine the required data.


The example also contains a description of how to exclude non-permanent Windows system data as well as an example of how to exclude data with certain endings.
Please check these examples carefully before you use one.

Start the client software

There are several ways to start the client software.

You can start them via the shortcut or via the command prompt.

Option 1: Start IBM Spectrum Protect via the shortcut

Open the Start menu and search for the Backup-Archive - Command Line or Backup-Archive - GUI shortcuts.

Click on the preferred variant to start the client software in the appropriate mode.


Option 2: Start IBM Spectrum Protect via the command prompt

Start the command prompt (1) as Administrator (2).


The GUI of the Spectrum Protect Client can be invoked as follows:

cd C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\



The Spectrum Protect Client can also be used optionally command line based:

cd C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\

After the first start of the client software, you will be asked for the credentials to connect to the backup node.

Please note:

The parameter PASSWORDACCESS out of the configuration file (dsm.opt) generates a new, secure password for the client and server after the first entry of the node password.

This password is stored locally encrypted under C:\ProgramData\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\Nodes and the entered password is discarded.

After the first login, a new password entry is no longer necessary.

Then the Spectrum-Protect Client (depending on the variant you have selected) opens as GUI or command line.

Please note:


If the following error message occurs when running the Backup Archives GUI, the environment variable for the Java Runtime Environment must be defined.

Set environment variable for JRE:

Right-click This PC and then click Properties.


In the next window, select the environment variables.

Under System Variables, click on the PATH variable once and then on Edit.


Then set a new environment variable with New.

This variable has to connect to javaw.exe as shown in the error message above.

Therefore we need the installation path of javaw.exe (to be found in: C:\Program Files\Java\JAVERSION\bin )

Please note:

Under JAVAVERSION you have to choose your latest version (in the picture for example: jre.1.8.0_172)

After saving the environment variable, the error message will no longer appears.

last changed on 04/24/2023

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