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Restoring large amounts of Data/File Systems

Restoring large amounts of Data/File Systems


When restoring a large file system (with many small files) it should be noted that the restore may last for several hours or days. This is mostly due to the following reasons:

  • The information about the files to be restored by means of database queries have to be requested.
  • Files may be spread across many tapes which all have to be made accessible. 
  • Searching and selecting a file entails winding and respositioning on the tape. 
  • The files to be restored may not be positioned consecutively on the tape so that a constant repositioning is required.

Unfortunately, the "restore time" is greatly dependent on the above mentioned circumstances which are only influenceable to a very limited extent since these directly depend on the software product as well as the characteristics of the hardware. One possibility to optimize the restore and to shorten the "restore time" would be to perform the restore with multiple parallel sessions. This optimization has to be executed on the client and server side. Please contact us in this case.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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