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Request Webspace

Request Webspace


If you hold the role IT-purchaser you can order web space in the IT-Shop.

You can apply for new web space or register an already set up web space. This enables you to manage existing websites via the web hosting portal.


1. Logging onto the IT-Shop

As IT-purchaser you can either directly log onto the IT-Shop or assume the role via the Selfservice and the menu item "Roles". There you will have to select the role "Hardware Shop".


2. Select Product "Standard Website"

Add the product "Standard Website" to your cart.


3. Start Order

Click on "Bestellung starten" (start order) in your cart.


4. Enter PSP-Elements

In the following mask you have to enter the PSP-Elements.


5. Finish the Order

To finish the order, accept the terms of the contract and send your order. Please take careful note of the terms and conditions of the contract!


6. Details

After finishing the order you will receive an e-mail from us in which we ask you to specify the details (e.g. desired URL and contact persons). It is not possible to order several websites in on process. Please make a new order for each website.

last changed on 03/18/2021

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