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RWTHApp Push Notifications

RWTHApp Push Notifications


Push Notifications for:

  • loan of University Library RWTH Aachen University
  • grades (coming soon)


Push notifications are provided via RWTH Push-Notifcation Service (RPNS). A one-time term authorization (via OAuth) of this service is necessary, because it retrieves personal data in your name (e.g. your account of RWTH Library). Authorization can be revoked at any time on the OAuth-Management Site.

Once you logged in to RPNS with your account on one device, every other device using the same account will be added automatically. At the moment only University Library offers push notifications but other services are planned.

Push notifications will pop up on the snackbar or status bar of your device. Unseen push notifications are managed in your inbox in the main menu of RWTHApp. Click on the bell symbol to go to your inbox.


Right now you can only receive push notifications for your RWTH Library account. Additional features such as notfications for new grades, news and RWTHmoodle are planned. The cloud messaging services do not guarantee correct delivery of push notifications.

Enabling/disabling push notifications

When logging on for the first time you can decide whether you want to receive push notifications. If you do, a second authorization via the RWTH Single Sign-On with a browser is necessary for safety reasons. A list of all services you need to authorize is presented. Click on "Autorisieren" to authorize. After successfully authorizing push notifications, you can return to the RWTHApp. Your first push notification will be waiting in your inbox.



You can enable or disable your push notifications any time via gearwheel > “Configure push notifications”. Here you can either choose just one service under “Categories” or all of them to be turned on or off. If you want to enable push notifications, another authorization via the RWTH Single Sign-On with a browser is necessary for safety reasons.



This way you only disable push notifications for your current device. If you want to disable them for all of your devices using the same account, you need to revoke authorization via i symbol > “OAuth Management Site”. Here you can see all of the authorized services (Autorisierte Apps). To revoke authorization for push notifications select „RWTH PNS, RWTH Aachen University Polling Service“ and enter by clicking on “Autorisierung entziehen”.





last changed on 01/29/2021

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