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Information for Project Members (PMs)

Information for Project Members (PMs)


This text informs you about how to join and contribute to a hpc project.


A project ID with a name similar to abcd4321 will be created for your project and communicated to technical contact (TC) and principal investigator (PI).

1. Get an HPC-Account

You need an HPC-Account in order to log in on the HPC Cluster and to submit batch jobs. If  you do not have yet such a personal HPC account please get one, if in doubt please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

The user-ID of that account will in most cases be identical to the IdM-ID. 


2. Add the User-ID to the  Project-Account

For this step the technical contact person (TC) must know your  user-ID.  Then he has to add your user-ID to the project as described here.

Please note that a newly-added user has to be registered in the batch system before they can submit jobs. This process is run nightly, which means that the user cannot submit jobs via a project until the day after they were added.


3. Using the project

All batch jobs submitted as part of the project have to be explicitly associated with the project group abcd4321 by inserting the following line in the job scripts.

#SBATCH --account=abcd4321

The actual amount of resources used can be obtained at any time in the duration of the project with the following command.

r_wlm_usage -p abcd4321

To get information about the quota of the project, one can use the following command:

r_wlm_usage -p abcd4321 -q


last changed on 04/28/2023

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