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Intel Xeon Phi (KNL) cluster

Intel Xeon Phi (KNL) cluster



The Intel Xeon Phi (KNL) Cluster comprises 16 nodes with one Intel Xeon Phi processor (KNL = Knights Landing) each. Most of these nodes are used for parallel programming courses only. However, one of these nodes is available as a front end ( for everybody. More specifically, each node consists of one 64-core MICs running at 1.30 GHz with 4-way hyperthreading (256 'cores' visible to OS) connected with 16 GB of high-bandwidth MCDRAM and 200 GB of main memory. Further details are available on the page Hardware of the RWTH High Performance Computing.

You can find some information on tuning for KNL here.

BIOS options

You can boot a KNL node in a great variety of ways (see below links). Currently (since 23.04.2018) we choose these settings:

Cluster mode: Sub-NUMA Clustering
Memory Mode: Flat

Note that currently this differs from the settings of the Booster in J├╝lich,

Cluster mode: Quadrant
Memory Mode: Hybrid50

We may change the settings later; stay tuned!

last changed on 04/04/2023

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