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Credentials for Identity Management

Credentials for Identity Management


Access data for the Identity Management

To use the Identity Management, you need your username (format: ab123456) and your personal password.

Get a username

The username cannot be changed. All groups of people pass through the redemption of a coupon in the Identity Management: Overview of Coupon Procedures.

Password Management

During the registration process you will receive a first password. This can be used for the Selfservice, RWTH Single Sign-On, VPN and Eduroam. The Selfservice enables you to set an individual password for each Account in the Identity Management under the tab „Accounts and Passwords“. Or, alternatively, you may use the same password for all accounts. To change a password, you have to know the password for your RWTH Single Sign-On account to be able to log into the Selfservice.

Password or username lost

If you forgot your access data you can find further information here.

last changed on 03/27/2023

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